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Norman Fulkerson was born in 1962 in Owensboro, KY.  After completing his secondary education at Owensboro Catholic High School, he continued his studies by completing a degree in Tool Engineering from ITT Technical Institute in 1983.  He has also studied writing and journalism for Long Ridge Writing School in West Redding, Conn.

Shortly after completing his degree, he began working as a full-time volunteer for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) in 1984.  In his thirty three years of work with them, he has developed his skills as a writer, speaker and organizer.

As a writer he currently contributes to Crusade Magazine, with a current circulation of 130,000, in which he embellishes each issue with either his “Only in America” column or an article on American heroism that focuses on members of the Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves in battle. He has also contributed to the illustrious fifty-year-old Brazilian periodical Catolicismo, with a circulation of tens of thousands. His articles have also appeared in the Australian magazine Quest and the Polish magazine Polonia Christiana. In October of 2009 he published his first book, An American Knight on the life of Marine Corps legend, Col. John Ripley, which has received praise from several Medal of Honor recepients and former Marine Corps Commandant, Gen. Carl E. Mundy.

His speaking accomplishments include lectures to TFP action groups in Rochester, N.Y., Cleveland, Ohio, New Castle, Penn., Louisville, Ky. and Boston, Mass.  He has spoken at TFP conferences to crowds of over 300 and once in Queenston Ontario at a Pro America rally to an audience of over 2000. He has also appeared on several radio programs such as Radio Mambi in Miama, Fla., The Stan Solomon Show in Indianopolis Ind., The Ron Ford Show in Boston, Mass., and With Jay Fox and Friends show in Willoughby Ohio.

He now resides in Spring Grove, Penn. where he continues to employ his various skills for the American TFP.


Col Walt Ford, USMC(Ret) interviews author Norman Fulkerson about his book, An American Knight, that chronicles the life of John Ripley.

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